Polish edition of My Street Films

Polish edition of My Street Films

My Street Films, which first took place in London and Prague, has also successfully been launched in

Poland. The main task for contestants was to create short documentary films about specific places 

around them, and add their works to a new film map of Poland. The awarded films were screened 

during the 55th Krakow Film Festival in June where their authors had the opportunity to join 

professional filmmaking workshops.

Polish film enthusiasts enjoyed their high My Street Film season in spring. The final deadline

was set for April 27, 2015 and more than 30 films were added to the online film map of Poland. 

Selected filmmakers were then given a helping hand by three tutors: Piotr Lenar, Błażej Wolny and 

Marek Klimaszewski. They shared their skills and ideas during a workshop on film directing and 

editing, organized by Akademia Multi Art in Krakow.

The first edition of My Street Films in Poland already knows its winners. If you missed the 

screenings at the Krakow Film Festival, you can watch the awarded films online:

1st place: “The Shadow od the Schodowa St.” by Daniel Turała from Bielsko Biała.

2nd place: “J as Ojcowska Street” by Pauline Przekop from Gdansk.

3rd place: “Czerniakowska Street” by Magdalena Szydłowska and Magda Budzyń from Warsaw.