My Street Films look beyond the borders of London and Prague

The Czech edition of My Street Films was born in the past year as a project of the online 

documentary portal The pilot edition focused on the streets of Prague whose stories 

and atmosphere were captured in more than 120 submitted films. In 2015, My Street Films has set 

out beyond the borders of Prague to discover the life in the streets of other Czech, Slovak, Polish and 

Hungarian cities. This year, the project will become a place of the encounter and comparison of 

Czech and other Central European cities and their citizens.

The My Street Films project is a sister project of the British documentary festival Open City Docs Fest, 

where Czech and British filmmakers have a chance to present their winning films. The desire to 

explore the known and unknown streets through the film medium is thus slowly spreading from 

London (whose original version of the project is available at and Prague 

further to Central Europe.

Like in the last year, the Czech version of the project is different thanks to the participation of Czech 

documentarists who contributed to the Prague film map with their auteur films while also 

participating as lecturers in the making of other short films based on the submitted subjects. This 

year, too, you can look forward to films that will show “our” streets from the perspective of 

professional filmmakers: Martin Dušek, Erika Hníková, Jaroslav Kratochvíl, Veronika Lišková and 

Vladimír Turner.  

However, My Street Films is not only intended for film professionals and their fans; anyone who 

desires to capture the world around them can submit their film. You do not have to film yourself or 

your street - what is most important is that the film fits in our film map which illustrates not only real 

places but also diverse ways of their perception. Emerging authors can choose from a series of 

workshops dedicated to the basics of filmmaking techniques and tricks.

The makers of the best Czech My Street films will be able to experience the atmosphere of film 

festivals; the winner of the main prize will again have the opportunity to present his or her film at the 

British festival, Open City Docs Fest, other selected filmmakers will be personally invited to the 

screening of their documentaries at Jihlava IDFF. Moreover, the winners will be able to enjoy the 

documentary film world for the rest of the year thanks to an unlimited access to the film catalogue of 

the portal.